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Update your subscriptions: the site is migrating Aug 16, 2019

A new version of will go live on Monday August 19, 2019. Not so much has changed in the looks of the site, but inside it's totally different.

In this regard its RSS feed links will change:

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Self-hosting Commento with Docker Compose Jul 28, 2019

A while ago I've made a decision to migrate off Disqus, which is arguably the most popular external commenting system for website owners.

The problem with Disqus, as with many other "free" products, was that you're most likely the product here. It has a ridiculously huge footprint (think megabytes) and "enriches" your page with more than a hundred additional HTTP requests.

Next to that, it shows ads—which you can buy off at "only" $9/month with their Plus plan. How bad should it be to start to search for alternatives?

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The national temperature record is broken Jul 26, 2019

We're four days into a record-breaking heatwave here. An "orange alert" (code oranje) has been declared in almost every province of the Netherlands:

Orange alert on the map of Holland.

The 75 years old absolute temperature record established back in 1944 has been broken yesterday.

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Sound Switcher Indicator ‣ 2.2.2 Jul 21, 2019

The version 2.2.2 of Sound Switcher Indicator has been released. It immediately follows the version 2.2.1 and includes a hotfix for the PulseAudio auto-reconnect feature.

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Managing Git projects on a mass scale Jul 19, 2019

Anyone who has been in the software development business for a while, is certainly familiar with the hassle of arranging, keeping track of, pulling, committing etc. of dozens of local Git repositories being used or developed.

The routine of keeping and tidying up grows painful very quickly as you clone more and more repositories, either from GitHub or your local server.

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My entrepreneurship ‣ Meet the all-new Yktoo Solutions website! Jul 15, 2019

It's been almost three years since the first incarnation of the Yktoo Solutions website has seen the light. That first version has been built on a technology stack similar to my "flagship" website, i.e. the good old LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).

As we were planning to extend our operation, a new representation on the web was necessary.

There was also another wish, to implement a proper news feed or, rather, a blog, that would inform the general public of current developments and, at the same time, provide some useful technical insights (of which we have plenty).

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