Damian Wilson

Damian Wilson (born 11 October 1969, England) is a singer known in the progressive rock genre. He is most known as the lead singer of Threshold, and also provides vocals for bands Headspace and Star One.

Damian was lead singer for Landmarq and recorded four non-Progressive singer-songwriter solo studio albums (Cosmas, Disciple, Live in Rehearsal and Let's Start a Commune). Aside from performing as a solo artist, he has often performed with several guest musicians as the Damian Wilson Band. The last DWB tour was filmed and released on DVD.

He has also worked on projects with Ayreon, Gary Hughes and played the lead role of Jean Valjean in the musical Les Misérables. Damian has also worked with Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble, Guy Fletcher, Aina, After Forever, Mostly Autumn and Praying Mantis.

In 2007, Wilson returned to Threshold as replacement for lead vocalist Mac for the "Live Reckoning" tour.

He is currently frontman for the Maiden uniteD project.



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