Easy, functional, and snappy client for Music Player Daemon.


If you use Ubuntu, the simplest way to get Ymuse installed is downloading it from the Ubuntu Snap Store:

As of Ubuntu 23.04, you can also install it via apt:

sudo apt install ymuse

Snap package

In case your distro provides support for snaps, the installation can be done with:

sudo snap install ymuse


If you have flatpak installed, the app can be installed from Flathub with:

flatpak install com.yktoo.ymuse

Arch Linux

If you have a pacman wrapper installed, you can use that to install the ymuse or the ymuse-bin package.

For instance, if you are using yay, simply run:

yay -S ymuse
# Or use a bin build to avoid downloading Go toolchain
yay -S ymuse-bin

In case you’re not using a helper, refer to this article on how to manually build and install the package.

Binary package

There are also binary builds (.deb, .rpm) and a source tarball available: see Download.