Easy, functional, and snappy client for Music Player Daemon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ymuse.

How do I pronounce “Ymuse”?

Like why-muse.

Can you add MPRIS support to Ymuse?

It’s not needed as there is already the mpDris2 project (see next question).

Can I assign media buttons on my keyboard to control Ymuse?

Not directly. But there’s an even better alternative: you can link your MPD instance to your desktop environment using MPRIS. The easiest way to do that is to install the mpDris2 package.

Then MPD will respond to media keys regardless of whether Ymuse is running or not.

In Ubuntu it’s as easy as running:

sudo apt install mpdris2

Why can’t I drag-n-drop tracks in the Queue?

This feature is planned but not implemented yet. It would require digging deep into the specifics of drag-n-drop in GTK so it’s subject to the availability of my free time.