Powerful image catalogue application.


This software project has been discontinued. Its last released version is also most likely to remain the last available version, unless someone else is interested in its further development.

It also means any filed issues probably won't be ever picked up.

PhoA v1.1.11-RC

Unstable version

The latest development build of PhoA. Based on the 1.1.10-beta release. Zip-archived executable.

phoadump v0.01

A simple program that demonstrates the usage of PhoA programming interface (API).

Zip-archived executable and source code.

PhoA SDK v0.01

PhoA Software Development Kit.

phoaxml v0.02

A simple converter for converting photo album .phoa files into XML files.

Zip-archived executable and source code.

Thanks to Max Belugin for writing the initial version.

PhoA Transformer v1.0

A tool for converting PhoA photo albums into XML, HTML and text and back into PhoA using XSLT. Setup program.