Powerful image catalogue application.


This software project has been discontinued. Its last released version is also most likely to remain the last available version, unless someone else is interested in its further development.

It also means any filed issues probably won't be ever picked up.


  • Support for a multitude of image formats.
  • Rich picture organisation capabilities:
    • You create a group (folder) structure, where any picture can belong to any number of groups. This is very similar to what is called tags in other programs.
    • Each group can have a custom icon.
    • Each picture can have a number of properties defined. These properties are: date, time, place (location), film properties, author, short and long description, media name.
    • Additionally to all of the above, each picture can be assigned any number of keywords.
  • It’s blazing fast! Thanks to in-memory processing all the operations are near-instantaneous.
  • Advanced picture viewer that can display any properties on top of the image. Slideshow mode.
  • Advanced search capabilities. PhoA even has a special query language for pictures.
  • Any action, except file operations, can be undone.
  • Multimonitor support.
  • Support for portable installations. You can copy the program, the photo album and all the picture files to a CD or a USB stick.
  • And last but not least: completely documented!



PhoA unstable 1.1.11-RC

The latest development build of PhoA. Based on the 1.1.10 beta release. Zip-archived executable.

Released on 

phoadump 0.01

A simple program that demonstrates the usage of PhoA programming interface (API).

Zip-archived executable and source code.

Released on 

PhoA SDK 0.01

PhoA Software Development Kit.

Released on 

phoaxml 0.02

A simple converter for converting photo album .phoa files into XML files.

Zip-archived executable and source code.

Thanks to Max Belugin for writing the initial version.

Released on 

PhoA Transformer 1.0

A tool for converting PhoA photo albums into XML, HTML and text and back into PhoA using XSLT. Setup program.

Released on 


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Source code

To download the latest source code, clone my GitHub repository:

git clone https://github.com/yktoo/phoa.git

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