DKLang Localization Package

Localization library for Delphi applications.

DKLang Localization Package v4.01

Localization API for Delphi 2009+. Zip-archived sources.

DKLang Localization Package v3.01

Localization API for the following versions of Delphi IDE (all with the latest updates applied):

  • Delphi 6
  • Delphi 7
  • BDS 2005
  • BDS 2006

Zip-archived sources.

Tnt Unicode Controls v2.3.0

Freeware version of the Tnt Unicode Controls package required by DKLang Localization Package v3.x.

Compiled example applications v3.0

Examples compiled from the sources included with the package.

Includes translations and source language files so you can try to create your own translations with DKLang Translation Editor.

Constant converter v5.2

Converter for constant resource files saved by package version 2.x. Compiled executable.