DKLang Localization Package

Localization library for Delphi applications.

DKLang Localization Package is a set of classes intended to simplify the localization of applications written in Delphi.


  • Easy to use. Put a TDKLanguageController on the form, save the project (this will automatically create a language source file) and add a couple of lines to program code: you get a functional multilanguage application! See the examples shipped with the package to learn the details.
  • Fully integrated with Delphi VCL component library. Automated tracking of changes in structure or properties of forms, frames, data modules etc., and owned components.
  • Complete Unicode support.
  • Storing property values for string properties. Storing property values of class TStrings, TCollection item properties and TPersistent descendants. Only the properties recognized by Delphi streaming mechanism as stored are processed to avoid storing excessive data.
  • A set of string constants can be defined for a project. A constant is referred to by its name (binary name search is implemented). See the Constants example.
  • A translation is stored in a plain-text (ANSI or Unicode) file, which can be edited with any text editor. More than that, a much more convenient translation tool is available: DKLang Translation Editor.
  • Language of all displayed forms is switched at once by changing the current language in the global TDKLanguageManager instance.
  • Events that fired in the non-visual component before and after any language change.
  • Any property can be excluded from entering the language file, and any property can be forced to enter it even though it is recognized as not stored thanks to the IgnoreList and StoreList properties of TDKLanguageController. Both lists are defined using property name masks (eg., *.Font.Name).
  • Localization data for the whole project is automatically saved into a so-called language source file (a file with the .dklang extension).
  • The package’s localization mechanism can also be used when no visual forms are instantiated, for localizing constants only, for example, in a console application.
  • Application can be built with DKLang’s runtime package.
  • Thread-safe design allowing for using in a multithreaded environment. Among other things, it allows non-blocking simultaneous data read access by multiple threads.



Full project documentation is available via this link.


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Source code

To download the latest source code, clone my GitHub repository:

git clone https://github.com/yktoo/dklang.git

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