Ponemnogu obo Vsyom

Ponemnogu obo Vsyom (Russian: Понемногу обо всём) translates from Russian as “A bit about everything”.

It is a typical bard song collection of tracks, which recaps all Radiolaria’s works created since 1993 that can be described as “agressive and funny folk style”. When listening to them, it should become apparent that Radiolaria is also about humour as well as other earthly feelings.

This is mostly a “fusion-free” album, even though not entirely so.

The presented songs have been composed in different moments in time and touch on a broad variety of subjects, which is reflected in the album’s name. It might perhaps have gotten the name “A bit about nothing” instead. However, some songs raise important psychological and social questions, such as Боясь или любя (To Fear or To Love) and Посвящение В. С. Высоцкому (Dedication to Vladimir Vysotski).


1To Fear or To Love3:16 Download
2Pen Fell on the Sheet2:00 Download
3Reflection Over My Life3:15 Download
4Restless Night (Reflection Over My Life Contd.)2:28 Download
5Saturday Morning Song of a 6th Grade Metalworker2:03 Download
6Snow Fell2:48 Download
7I'll Become a Human2:37 Download
8Don't Fly Too High2:03 Download
9Kitchen Debate2:35 Download
10Front Rows4:37 Download
11Give Me a Guitar1:44 Download
12Weight Lifting1:50 Download
13Circus4:59 Download
14In the Field1:40 Download
15A Man and a Cat1:43 Download
16Aria of Werewolf1:59 Download
17Restaurant Bard3:59 Download
18Dedication To a Friend2:25 Download
19Dedication To Vladimir Vysotsky2:59 Download
20Friend Is Coming2:51 Download
21Don't Shoot Swans2:55 Download
22Moonstone0:30 Download
23Before It's Too Late3:26 Download

Release data

Igor Abakumov, Dmitry Kann
Tatyana Kann, Dmitry Kann
Igor Abakumov, except 22: lyrics by I. Tarabaeva
Igor Abakumov
Dmitry Kann
Dmitry Kann
Sound Mixing
Dmitry Kann
Igor Abakumov, Tatyana Kann

Recorded and mixed in January 2002 at DaleTech Records (Tyumen, Russia). It has never been officially released by any label.