Ars Nova album

The somewhat pretentious Latin expression means "new art" and refers to a medieval musical style.

This acoustic album belongs to the art rock genre. We made an attempt to fusion the two competing and irreconcilable genres: rock and bard song. Such experiments often result in diametrically opposed reviews.


1Turquoise3:20Lyrics Download
2City3:57Lyrics Download
3New Day 23:52Lyrics Download
4Children2:20Lyrics Download
5Inspiration3:55Lyrics Download
6When We Choose3:20Lyrics Download
7Dream2:50Lyrics Download
8On the Wings of Spirit3:23Lyrics Download
9Tranquillity in Us3:18Lyrics Download
10Time4:37Lyrics Download
11I'm Not Home4:16Lyrics Download
12My Angel Guards3:59Lyrics Download
13Grace5:03Lyrics Download
14Weird Thoughts6:41Lyrics Download
15The Blue Star5:39Lyrics Download
16I'll Light a Candle6:14Lyrics Download

Release Data

Igor Abakumov
Music and arrangement
Igor Abakumov, Tatyana Kann
Backing vocals
Igor Abakumov, Dmitry Kann, Tatyana Kann
Igor Abakumov, Dmitry Kann
Dmitry Kann
Sound mixing
Dmitry Kann

Recorded and mixed in March-May 2001 at DaleTech Records (Tyumen, Russia). It has never been officially released by any label.