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Musicellaneous ‣ Widek

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Photo by Widek.

A happy Friday the 13th everyone! This sixteenth edition of Musicellaneous features yet another portion of fascinating space djent played by yet another one-man band, the Polish guitarist Widek.

Widek owns a recording studio, which he used to record and mix more than a hundred bands.

It’s quite surprising how low-profile he is considering the number of musicians he played with.

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Musicellaneous ‣ 4Front

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Photo by 4Front/Facebook.

Gee it’s Friday again! The fifteenth edition of Musicellaneous continues to introduce you to progressive bands having a 4 in their name.

This time I’m going to pull the American instrumental-progressve-jazz band 4Front out of my music treasure chest.

This project is as little known as it is fascinating. You will hardly find any information about it on the Internet, save for the band’s Facebook page.

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Musicellaneous ‣ 7for4

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Photo by 7for4.

Friday! This fourteenth edition of Musicellaneous presents a little known yet extremely professional German collective with the funky name 7for4.

7for4 was founded back in 1999 by the guitarist and the band’s frontman Wolfgang Zenk. It has released only four albums to date.

But what albums!

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Musicellaneous ‣ Beyond the Bridge

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It’s Friday! As a follow-up to the topic of symphonic metal started by Osture in the previous edition of Musicellaneous, this time I’d like to tell you about once-existed German band Beyond the Bridge.

During its lifetime the band has recorded the only album, but it’s a real masterpiece (you wouldn’t see them in this series otherwise).

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Aikido seminar in Nijmegen

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It was my very first visit to the Dutch city of Nijmegen, which is located near the German border.

The reason for my going there was a joint aikido seminar led by three senseis:

  • Tom Dijkman (6th dan aikido aikikai);
  • Jan Thesing (5th dan);
  • René Habraken (5th dan).

So I was brave enough to not get scared off by storm Ciara (but nonetheless happy to be back home before dark).

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Musicellaneous ‣ Ostura

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Photo by Ostura.

It’s Friday again, which means—another gulp of exotic music in the eleventh edition of Musicellaneous!

This time I’m going to sidestep the tradition of reviewing instrumental djent stuff. Our guests today are the cinematic progressive metal band (in their own words) Ostura from Lebanon.

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Farewell, Great Britain

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This day marks the end of the 47-year-long history of the Great Britain as a part of the European Union.

Even though it doesn’t directly affect me, I find it a bit sad. I second Boris Akunin’s opinion it’s a regress and a victory of retrogressive thinking.

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Musicellaneous ‣ Andromida

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Photo by Ramon Gutierrez.

It’s Friday again! This tenth edition of Musicellaneous features another unique project by a talented individual. I’m talking about the instrumental progressive metal band Andromida, which is in fact just one person: the American Ramon Gutierrez.

The band is unique because Ramon is “legally blind”, which was discovered when he was as little as three years old.

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