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History repeatz itself

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History repeats itself once again, this time around having turned in the opposite direction.

Alexander Nevzorov, the renowned Russian war journalist, shows caricatures dating back to the Second World War, which look intimidatingly familiar.

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Video: spring in Houten — 2022

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It’s that time of year again when the trees are in full blossom and the daytime temperature hits 20 °C (68 °F)!

That said, it can still go as low as -4 °C (25 °F) at night, and it even snowed this morning. Luckily, there’s nothing left of it now, so it’s time for a traditional Spring Video!

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It’s happened. That what everyone was so scared to bring up but nonetheless inevitable. You. Are. Gone.

There was nearly no joy left in your life in the last year and a half. Not after you lost your beloved husband and, unexpectedly, your eldest son.

You have never been outside since. Not that you wanted it anyway. You couldn’t sleep, you lost weight, and you were suffering from pain in the leg you broke almost two years ago.

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So long twenty-twenty-one

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Image by Gordon Johnson/Pixabay.

It’s time for a traditional upshot post again; we’ve all had a crazy year with all that pandemic bustle. And as the year nears its end I realise one gets imminently used even to crazy.

When it comes to my blog I haven’t been particularly active, so here is my year’s roundup.

COVID-19 (20, 21, …)

I need to begin with a sad recent event: on December 15th my older brother Serge Kann passed away. It happened exactly a year after my dad died, and from the same cause: due to post-COVID complications.

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💡Characters & Compose key: how to type unusual characters in Linux

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A devoted reader of my blog might have noticed that I care about typography. For instance, my use of em-dash — which I love — or ⌀, the diameter symbol. That involves the use of special techniques while typing.

It’s also worth noting that many people prefer to communicate with emojis over letters nowadays (which is even reflected in modern architecture).

While it’s quite trivial to enter such characters on a smartphone, it may get tricky when it comes to a Linux desktop. But fear not, for that is actually taken care of: there are even multiple ways of inserting your favourite 🐱.

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We’re back with a number of updates about the world’s fastest link shortener!

This edition’s highlights: phishing, abuse, slugs and redirects!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Shortly after went out of beta the service got flooded with phishing and otherwise malevolent links. There were dozens of them created during a short timespan, all leading to pages mimicking login pages of banks, Facebook, Google and so on.

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