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Glossary section

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Photo by ActionVance.

It recently occurred to me that it would be convenient to have a dedicated section that lists the most common Dutch terms. Each term could then provide a brief explanation and references to relevant blog posts, and be linked to.

Thus there is the Glossary section now.

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Update your subscriptions: the site is migrating

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Update: the new version of the website is now live; all comments have been retained and copied over from the old version.

Below is the original message:

A new version of yktoo.com will go live on Monday August 19, 2019. Not so much has changed in the looks of the site, but inside it’s totally different.

In this regard its RSS feed links will change:

  • Old: https://yktoo.com/en/blog/atom (Atom) or https://yktoo.com/en/blog/rss (RSS)
  • Current: https://yktoo.com/en/index.xml (RSS only) — as of 19 August 2019

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Tutorial: development with Yii/PHP/MySQL using Docker

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It’s been about a year since I’ve switched to developing this website (built with Yii 2/PHP/MySQL) using Docker. After just one try I realised that Docker is the best thing happened to development. Well, after Vim, of course.

So I’ve decided to write a brief tutorial on setting up a dockerised development environment, in the hope it could be helpful for those who never tried Docker or experience difficulties getting started.

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