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It’s happened. That what everyone was so scared to bring up but nonetheless inevitable. You. Are. Gone.

There was nearly no joy left in your life in the last year and a half. Not after you lost your beloved husband and, unexpectedly, your eldest son.

You have never been outside since. Not that you wanted it anyway. You couldn’t sleep, you lost weight, and you were suffering from pain in the leg you broke almost two years ago.

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Yesterday, 28 December 2020, about 21:00 Moscow time, you left us.

Another priceless life taken by COVID-19. We’re still deeply shocked by how fast this tragedy unfolded. Less than a month ago you were perfectly sane and strong, albeit somewhat tired.

Then you were hospitalised into the Nikolayev hospital, whose hotline would repeatedly report a “good and steady progress” on you. Two weeks later you were dismissed from the hospital, but no one cared to explain to us you’d suffered 60% lung damage and still had developing pneumonia.

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