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Sky is no limit

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Igor Abakumov, also known as Mr. Raskolnikov, an ex-member of Radiolaria, has shared some new material with me: tracks that were recorded for his own solo project called Zapreschennaya Akustika (“Forbidden Acoustics”). Even though it’s a home recording and perhaps you can’t really appreciate the Russian lyrics, the musical aspect seemed quite interesting to me.

So far four new tracks are available, all of them pertain to the sky for some reason:

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Storm Alert

Штормовое предупреждение (Russian for Storm Alert) is a prelude to Ураган (“Hurricane”). This track was composed and recorded by Igor Abakumov and me back in 2002–2003.

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Post Nubila Sol ‣ Pt. 1. Ad Libitum

This track was written by me in collaboration with Igor Abakumov back in 2002. Those were our first, and up to now also the last, feeble attempts of Progressive Metal composing.

The name is Latin for “After the clouds there is sun”, which symbolizes contrast vicissitudes of mood in the tune.

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