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So long twenty-twenty-three

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Image: cybermind.

The time flies like an arrow. Quite unexpectedly, it’s an upshot moment again!

War in Ukraine

This last year it’s become clear the war is the new normal now. With regular shellings of Ukrainian cities and repressions on the rise inside Russia. We call it the “negative natural selection,” when the meanest, the dumbest are in power, oppressing and punishing any dissent.

To an outsider’s eye it doesn’t make a shred of sense, that what the Russians are doing to Ukraine — or to their own folk for that matter. There’s, however, a strong, sinister feeling there’s a mighty good chance the situation will simply collapse into total chaos at some point.

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So long twenty-twenty-two

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A while ago I was happy 2020 came to an end. Two years on, in the hindsight I must admit I shouldn’t have been complaining at all.

That said, all things eventually come to an end, even those appearing eternal. So it’s time for a traditional upshot post.

There are quite a few pictures under the cut, as a compensation for my lack of activity in this blog throughout the past year.

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So long twenty-twenty-one

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Image by Gordon Johnson/Pixabay.

It’s time for a traditional upshot post again; we’ve all had a crazy year with all that pandemic bustle. And as the year nears its end I realise one gets imminently used even to crazy.

When it comes to my blog I haven’t been particularly active, so here is my year’s roundup.

COVID-19 (20, 21, …)

I need to begin with a sad recent event: on December 15th my older brother Serge Kann passed away. It happened exactly a year after my dad died, and from the same cause: due to post-COVID complications.

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So long twenty-twenty (finally)

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I would usually write an upshot post about the past year on the 31st of December, but this time the cadence was upset by the tragic events happened right before.

One wants to believe 2021 will be better than the last one, simply as it’s hard to imagine how it can prove worse, yet there’s no improvement in sight just yet.

Anyway, there’s this tradition and I want to focus on positive things, which in fact dominated my past year, save for the one mentioned above.

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DIY postcards

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As it turns out, you can make postcards yourself.

Furthermore, they will feel much more special and, with a bit of luck, prettier than ones from the store!

Bigger pictures are under the cut.

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