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My drinking calendar 2023

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I stumbled upon a post on Reddit showing a drinking calendar for the last year, visualised by a 36 years-old guy. Frankly, it’s quite a disturbing picture for someone familiar with health risks related to alcohol — which I learned about from a podcast by Andrew Huberman. The author recorded 181 days with alcohol plus 5 (!) blackouts.

So I decided to make my own drinking calendar.

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So long twenty-twenty-three

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Image: cybermind.

The time flies like an arrow. Quite unexpectedly, it’s an upshot moment again!

War in Ukraine

This last year it’s become clear the war is the new normal now. With regular shellings of Ukrainian cities and repressions on the rise inside Russia. We call it the “negative natural selection,” when the meanest, the dumbest are in power, oppressing and punishing any dissent.

To an outsider’s eye it doesn’t make a shred of sense, that what the Russians are doing to Ukraine — or to their own folk for that matter. There’s, however, a strong, sinister feeling there’s a mighty good chance the situation will simply collapse into total chaos at some point.

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