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The national temperature record is broken Jul 26, 2019

We're four days into a record-breaking heatwave here. An "orange alert" (code oranje) has been declared in almost every province of the Netherlands:

Orange alert on the map of Holland.

The 75 years old absolute temperature record established back in 1944 has been broken yesterday.

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Frozen beauty Jan 1, 2017

The New Year's Eve has seen a light frost of -2 °C in the total absence of snow. The green grass got beautifully powdered with rime. Hoarfrost grass.

The whitened trees alongside the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal (Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal), which passes next to Houten, became simply magnificent:

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The first snow! Jan 17, 2016

Today, January 17, 2016, the nature has made an unexpected move. Last night a very thin layer of snow lay on the ground, for the first time in this winter. The first snow.

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A record autumn Nov 10, 2014

While euro and dollar are enjoying a record growth in Russia, we're enjoying one of the warmest autumns on record here in Holland, yet again. Whatever caused it, sanctions or global warming. Heidestein estate.

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October. Summer Oct 2, 2011

Now that October has come, the summer is finally here. The last time it visited us was in April. After that I couldn't say we ever had summer weather in the past months. Temperature would hardly rise above 21—22° C (70—72° F), and mainly kept around 16—18° C (61—64° F), especially during August and September.

But the last two days of September happened to be really warm, and on the first of October temperature soared to 26° C (79° F) again.

What else could one do on such a lazy Saturday than simply go to the coast?

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Summer, I suppose Apr 25, 2011

Yesterday's Easter has set up a temperature record in the Netherlands in the whole KNMI (Royal Meteorological Institute) observation history since 1901. Shadow temperature rose as high as 26° C. The previous record was established in 1949 (24.5° C).

I got sunburnt in a couple of hours.