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The Way You Make Me Feel: a masterpiece of looping Mar 8, 2017

On the subject of music and electronics at the same time: I wanted to share this video with you. It's a live recording of The Way You Make Me Feel (originally by Michael Jackson) by a girl who calls herself Kawehi. No instruments, just voice and a looper device:

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Ever wondered why I left Russia? Jun 10, 2016

Here's one of the reasons:

The most worrying part is that in Russia that is considered a funny minor incident.

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Aikido demo at Vathorstdag 2014 Oct 13, 2014

Even though I've now settled in Houten, I keep visiting Amersfoort now and then. I'm still doing aikido with Joginder Singh.

On September 7th our dojo gave a demo on a "district day" Vathorstdag 2014 (Vathorst is the district in Amersfoort our dojo is in), just like six years ago.

I didn't participate this time, but was filming instead. There was also another cam, so the idea was to put both footages together nicely, and I volunteered for that.

I've tried a number of video editors for Linux, most of them proved to be utterly unusable (Pitivi wouldn't allow me to edit track properties, OpenShot lacked the very basic timeline shift function, Shotcut quit abruptly after adding a clip, Kino is discontinued long time ago). Finally I've tried Kdenlive, and that one is absolutely fantastic! I was surprised how quick and hassle-free video editing can be nowadays. All in all it took me about a couple of hours, including the final render.

The result is under the cut:

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Onze-Lieve-Vrouwetoren in Amersfoort Sep 6, 2013

Last weekend I've finally got to visit the most eminent, in every meaning, place in Amersfoort. Since I'd come to live here, my country has changed its president twice, one of them has divorced and the other has made quite a few equally destructive achievements, yet I failed to take my time to get to it.

In the brochure of Spoffin I found a discount coupon for climbing the tower for € 2.50 instead of € 4. The coupon was valid until August 31st, which conveniently fell on Saturday. This chance we couldn't miss. Photo by Pepijntje, via Wikimedia Commons.

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Amersfoort Jazz Festival 2013 May 22, 2013

Last weekend, 16 through 19 May 2013, the traditional yearly jazz festival took place in Amersfoort, as I announced. Its thirty-fourth edition, to be precise. Chaired by the well-known Alexander Beets:

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Jazz: Kramer & Shilkloper in Tyumen May 15, 2013

I've published rare footage I filmed a few years ago. It was a performance given by two greatest jazz musicians of our time, Daniel Kramer (piano) and Arkady Shilkloper (French horn, flugelhorn, alphorn) at Tyumen Concert Hall on February 10, 2008.

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