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Review: Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD Jun 3, 2017

I'm not really into reviewing gadgets, but in this case it's worth doing it. Today I'd like to review Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD by the well-known Chinese make Xiaomi.

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4K UHD TV Samsung UE75HU7500: a complete review ‣ Part 1. Specs and unboxing May 14, 2015

As time passes by, TV diagonals grow, so do our appetites. TV screens of 50-55 inch, which seemed huge just a few years ago, are the mainstream nowadays and can be found in any decent electronics store. They also provide the best size to price ratio, as I reckon.

But screw the ratio! We're going to be looking at a 75" monster Samsung UE75HU7500 today, the exact model number is Samsung UE75HU7500LXXN (it's a Dutch variant of the device since I'm living in the Netherlands).

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M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 review Jun 5, 2013

It's been two years of suffering from the speakers built into my iMac. The speakers, despite all Apple's marketing noise and even two 17 Watt power amps, suck big time. I've already connected my AV receiver via Bluetooth, but it's quite a hassle to start it up every time. Another issue is that Logitech Bluetooth adapter gives a very low output level, which requires setting receiver's volume to -20 dB every time I power it up.

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Logitech Wireless Adapter for Bluetooth Review Feb 20, 2012

I once needed to connect my PC's audio output to the AV receiver to enjoy music played by decent speakers. The distance between the desktop and the receiver is a few meters, and I didn't want to get entangled by wires (it's the third millennium after all).

The almighty Internet offered an elegant solution, in the spirit of the millennium, concisely called Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth® audio devices:

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