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The smartest traffic-light Nov 27, 2016

The present trend of dubbing everything "smart" based on mere presence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Internet connection is a bit annoying. So we have seen smart washing machines, smart watches, smart smoke detectors, smart toothbrushes and so on. Now traffic-lights are next in line, according to our local press. A news article announces the very first smart traffic-light (slim verkeerslicht) in the country has been installed in Houten.

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Houten ‣ Part 1. Train stations Aug 31, 2014

The summer is almost over, though I haven't seen much of it. It's been quite busy here, but in a positive sense.

Firstly, I've officially become a Netherlander. Secondly, I've changed job yet again, which I'll tell you about some other time. And finally, I've settled down and got stuck in Holland bought a house.

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Egypt. Hurghada ‣ Part 3. City Jan 12, 2014

Now that we've been to the see, which is east, and the desert, which is west of Hurghada, it's time to see the most interesting bit, the city itself.

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Little blue train Dec 20, 2013

This cute little blue vintage train was spotted today at the Amersfoort Central train station:

Whether it's a well-maintained old piece or just a mockup, I don't know.

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Bus conductors Nov 23, 2011

The outcome of a poll just held on BBC says that 81% of the British would be willing to pay 25% more for the ticket, if they could see conductors in buses again.

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Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 5. Train to Budapest Apr 17, 2011

Train ticket from Vienna to Budapest is about € 35. Railjet trains look modern and hi-tech. It is equipped, as we were told, with 80 displays, which try hard to keep us, the passengers, duly informed. Some 40 in one direction:

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