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Houten ‣ Part 1. Train stations Aug 31, 2014

The summer is almost over, though I haven't seen much of it. It's been quite busy here, but in a positive sense.

Firstly, I've officially become a Netherlander. Secondly, I've changed job yet again, which I'll tell you about some other time. And finally, I've settled down and got stuck in Holland bought a house.

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Little blue train Dec 20, 2013

This cute little blue vintage train was spotted today at the Amersfoort Central train station:

Whether it's a well-maintained old piece or just a mockup, I don't know.

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Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 5. Train to Budapest Apr 17, 2011

Train ticket from Vienna to Budapest is about € 35. Railjet trains look modern and hi-tech. It is equipped, as we were told, with 80 displays, which try hard to keep us, the passengers, duly informed. Some 40 in one direction:

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