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The monument of Elfstedentocht Nov 22, 2015

Every winter an average Dutch casts glances at the thermometer, hoping for a real cold to come.

The cause for such a strange wish is called Elfstedentocht, or the Eleven cities tour.

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Little blue train Dec 20, 2013

This cute little blue vintage train was spotted today at the Amersfoort Central train station:

Whether it's a well-maintained old piece or just a mockup, I don't know.

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Star Wars I + 3D + D-Box Feb 12, 2012

At last, yesterday I've tried rocking-moving-trembling D-Box chairs I posted about more than a year ago. I saw an advertisement in a local newspaper about Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace reissued in 3D and with D-BOX Motion Code™.

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Johannes Heesters Dec 3, 2011

Singer and actor Johannes Heesters, who was born in Amersfoort, is again in local news.

He turns 108 on the coming Monday, December 5, which he wanted to celebrate by singing operetta. However about a week ago he got fever and felt unwell, so he is in the hospital now. His 80 year old daughter Wiesje Herold commented: "In his 108 Jopie is no longer the youngest. But he is a jack."

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A hoot of negative Jan 20, 2011

Challenges chased me in my fatherland, and it takes time to recover. Anyway, imagine you were living in Russia. That's how you might see this, according to IfItWereMyHome.com:

And let me comment on this:

Health care is indeed expensive here, but you don't want to experience Russian healthcare. I'm not concerned about oil altogether. Who cares about 0.75%? As for the babies, they're very likely to live in the same country, at least until their majority, aren't they?