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Flower parade May 24, 2013

So many things have piled up while I was busy with my website, not sure I'll be able to handle them.

Let's take the famous flower parade, or bloemencorso in Dutch. It's a yearly event, held in late April or early May near Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world.

Warning: there's about a hundred photos under the cut.

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The Right Way Apr 3, 2011

At last it looks the right way, just like it was. I'm really amazed at indefatigability of the Dutch: would you plant a half kilometer of flowers?

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Dutch Tulip Round-Up Mar 30, 2011

Warning: these pictures can make you jealous. Watch with care.

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Spring! Mar 20, 2011

Now that spring has come, we have daffodils flowering! Not so many and yet remarkable:

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