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20 years, and counting Feb 17, 2017

With all that fuss I have missed the important date of 20 years of my professional experience, which happened on March 22, 2016.

The following scan of the first page of my Employment Book (Трудовая книжка, an official register of one's work experience, which every employee in Russia is obliged to have) can prove that:

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Subscription to e-mail blog updates Mar 13, 2015

A short announcement about a new subscription option.

If the term RSS seems completely foreign to you, there's now a Good Old E-mail subscription option available for those who want to stay current with my blog. This way you will receive automatic updates by e-mail. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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The Blog Has Moved Nov 9, 2014

I've finally managed to move my blog from Blogger onto a self-developed platform.

The new address of the blog is: yktoo.com/blog.

The main reason for that is that Blogger neither supports, nor has any plans to support multilingual blogs. Furthermore, it's quite inconvenient to edit posts in HTML, whereas the WYSIWYG editor Blogger provides cannot properly handle images, not to mention more complicated stuff like tables.

Those who'd like to follow blog updates, can refer to the Subscription page.

Where my foot has trod May 24, 2014

A while ago I've added a new section to my website, Blog → Map, which shows all places I ever blogged about. You can view related posts by clicking a place marker:

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My website May 12, 2013

Hi all, I'm still there, alive and well.

Lately I've been busily developing my very own website in the wild world of Internet. Now that I'm mainly done I'm happy to present it to you: yktoo.com.

The website is divided in three main sections: Blog, Software and Media.

Each of them has cost me quite an effort of writing, spell-checking and translating. Of course it's still full of typos and rough edges, which I'd be very grateful to come after via the contact form.

This website puts together most of the things, previously scattered over a number of other websites, that were keeping me busy last years.

The new old blog Jul 14, 2011

Some planned changes have been made to the blog.

As it has matured, it moved to my own domain, and the new URL is: blog.yktoo.com.

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