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Johannes Heesters passed away Dec 25, 2011

Johannes Heesters, an entertainer born in Amersfoort, who felt unwell just a few weeks ago, died on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2012, aged 108.

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Minority report Oct 12, 2011

In the groaning and moaning on Steve Jobs' passing minority opinions coming from the dissentients get eminent.

Ryan Tate wrote a lengthy article What Everyone Is Too Polite to Say About Steve Jobs for Gawker. Its primary message is:

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iSad Oct 6, 2011

What this man has done in his not-so-long lifetime has undoubtedly changed the world for better.

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R. I. P. Gary Feb 9, 2011

Gary Moore would have performed at Highlands Festival here in Amersfoort on May 27-28, 2011. People arranging the concert are now evidently upset.

It's always hard to conceive when people this famous leave us so unexpectedly. He was 58, didn't survive a heart attack.

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