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Portugal ‣ Part 5. Edge of the world in Sagres Jun 22, 2013

Sagres is a small town in western Algarve. It is noteworthy mainly for the nearby Sagres Point (Ponta de Sagres) and its fortress.

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Portugal ‣ Part 4. Alte Jun 16, 2013

Our tour guide described Alte, which is 20 km northwards of Albufeira, as "the most picturesque village in Algarve". To verify this statement one would have to travel around all other Algarvian villages, so let's take it on trust.

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Portugal ‣ Part 3. Albufeira Jun 14, 2013

Albufeira is a main tourist destination. Fair enough, given its vast ocean beach and three hundred sunny days a year.

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Portugal ‣ Part 2. Car and oranges Jun 10, 2013

Concerning the car we rented at our hotel in Albufeira, where we were staying.

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Portugal ‣ Part 1. Sand sculptures Jun 7, 2013

Recently I've visited Portugal for the first time in my life. The everlasting Dutch off-season makes one long for sun, and where else in Europe can you secure a sunny place, except maybe the Canaries? This spring in Europe is particularly poor, full of floods and cold, so Portugal appears to be the best option for the continental part.

We've decided to go for its south coast, the Algarve region. Where the Atlantic Ocean, endless beaches, real waves and the edge of the world are. But first things first.

Warning: tons of photos under the cut!

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