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Onze-Lieve-Vrouwetoren in Amersfoort Sep 6, 2013

Last weekend I've finally got to visit the most eminent, in every meaning, place in Amersfoort. Since I'd come to live here, my country has changed its president twice, one of them has divorced and the other has made quite a few equally destructive achievements, yet I failed to take my time to get to it.

In the brochure of Spoffin I found a discount coupon for climbing the tower for € 2.50 instead of € 4. The coupon was valid until August 31st, which conveniently fell on Saturday. This chance we couldn't miss. Photo by Pepijntje, via Wikimedia Commons.

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Spoffin 2013 Aug 30, 2013

It's August again, which means festival time in Amersfoort! In the beginning of the month there's usually the world-famous Gay Pride in Holland. The main venue is, of course, Amsterdam, but many other cities, including Amersfoort, hold smaller parades. However in the beginning of August I was in Tyumen, so I won't tell you anything about that.

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The Last Queen's Day May 17, 2013

Yet again, precisely on time, Holland has turned orange on the 30th of April. Queen's day is there, but this time is the last in the modern history of the country.

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Liberated from property Jan 31, 2013

The life in Holland, smooth in general, sometimes delivers nasty surprises.

On the last Liberation Day (May 5, 2012), I was liberated from my wallet (and the wallet, respectively, from me). It was stolen in Utrecht, a very nice city otherwise, at the Central Station, in a Chinese restaurant called Charlie Chiu's, where we decided to make a pit-stop before a long and exhausting shopping round. Source: members.virtualtourist.com.

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Bye Beatrix! Jan 28, 2013

Queen Beatrix has just announced she would abdicate from the Dutch throne in favour of her eldest son, 45 years old Willem-Alexander.

The public has been expecting such a move from her for a while, since the moment a renovation of the Drakensteyn castle has started a few years ago.

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Pleasant Amersfoort Jan 15, 2013

In November last year we and Amersfoort were officially introduced to each other.

The event is held once a year for all newcomers to the city. Its name Amersfoort Aangenaam, literally translated as "Pleasant Amersfoort," is a standard expression used for introducing someone. The invitation was on the name of my girlfried as I'm no newcomer anymore.

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