Ambient backlighting for Samsung LED TV Jun 12, 2016

Being quite happy with my 75 inch whopper Samsung UE75HU7500, the only thing I wanted to do about it was giving it ambient backlighting. When watching TV in complete darkness your eyes get quickly tired because of the stark contrast between the bright screen and its dark surroundings. Even though this device features an ambient light sensor, which is used to automatically adjust the screen brightness, the contrast is still all too harsh.

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Tackling M-Audio Studiophile speaker power-off popping sound Sep 7, 2013

Recently I've discovered a peculiar feature of my M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 speakers.

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How to make a ham holder Jan 11, 2013

This is a how-to for making a jamón holder (a.k.a. ham stand or jamonera) from IKEA household products.

After all those jamón (Spanish dry-cured ham) stories by Alex Exler I've read, I felt an urge to give it a try. And one day I saw one in the local grocery store: Villar Jamon Serrano Reserva, weight ca. 7 kg for € 49.95. It is just advisable to get acquainted with jamón by tasting its cheapest varieties.

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