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Touchpad toggle script for Ubuntu Jan 17, 2017

Recently I've been busy learning the esoteric editor called Vim and figured out my laptop's touchpad is causing nuisance when you're working with the keyboard only—which is the whole point of using Vim. At the same time, some programs are nearly unusable without the mouse. In other words, I wanted to be able to switch the touchpad on and off—with the keyboard, of course.

Some laptops have a special key combination for it, but my Dell XPS 13" doesn't. Ubuntu also provides a switch in the Control Center, but it's hardly reachable without the mouse:

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InfoPi (a.k.a. DIY Google Now) May 7, 2016

When a geek gets bored, he usually dives into home automation. And when there's nothing more left to automate, he blogs about it.

When leaving my house I usually check the weather forecast for today and if there are any train disruptions. The thing is, it takes precious time and I'm usually in a hurry. Therefore the idea of having all the useful information on a single display was in the air for quite a while. Recently I've finally got to implement it. Please meet InfoPi.

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DKLang Localization Package 4.01 & 5.0 Dec 13, 2013

Happy Friday the 13th! Bruce Miller, the current maintainer of DKLang, is bringing great news for Delphi developers.

It's been five years since DKLang Localization Package was last revised (time flies!). You might think that it had been abandoned, but no, it did its intended job well enough and it was solid enough that it didn't need an update.

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Sound Switcher Indicator ‣ Sound Switcher Indicator for Ubuntu Mar 3, 2013

I couldn't take it anymore so I created an audio input/output switcher indicator for Ubuntu.

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My scripts on GitHub Nov 18, 2012

Finally I got to create a public repository on GitHub for all my public domain utility tools (I had to fiddle quite a while with git filter-branch to extract all the 'safe for public' stuff from my home repo).

At the moment the following four scripts are available:

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