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Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 9. Budapest. St. Stephen's Basilica Apr 21, 2011

On our last day, (morning, to be precise), we decided to visit St. Stephen's Basilica (Szent István-bazilika), a famous Roman Catholic cathedral.

On our way to the cathedral I spotted an interesting mechanism at a building yard:

A constructor tried to explain me in signs that I wasn't allowed to photograph there, but I pretended to not understand Magyar signs.

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Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 8. Budapest by Day Apr 20, 2011

We borrowed a city guide from our Viennese friends (in German, of course).

So imagine, a Russian and a Dutch in Hungary, at the metro station "Moscow square" (Moszkva tér), speaking English, try to find their way using an Austrian guide printed in German.

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Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 7. Budapest at Night Apr 20, 2011

Our accommodation in Budapest was luckily very affordable. It was a two bedroom apartment near the city center, built in the mid twentieth century—with high ceilings, spacious and cozy (we wouldn't have chosen for worse, yeah).

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Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 6. Budapest Apr 17, 2011

Budapest is the capital of Hungary (honest). Hungary is a part of the EU (which Hungarians are undoubtedly proud of, because of the number of EU flags hung out everywhere). But it isn't part of eurozone, which was a complete surprise for me. They have their own currency called forint, and you exchange it at the rate of one kilo 260 for one euro. Because of that, you usually count them in thousands (1000 HUF ≈ 4 EUR).

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Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 5. Train to Budapest Apr 17, 2011

Train ticket from Vienna to Budapest is about € 35. Railjet trains look modern and hi-tech. It is equipped, as we were told, with 80 displays, which try hard to keep us, the passengers, duly informed. Some 40 in one direction:

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