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Austria, Sölden, snowboard Feb 12, 2016

I've been lucky to have had a good deal of wintersport this season, as well as to come back in one piece.

Our destination was chosen to be the Austrian Sölden, also located in Tyrol like Ischgl where I'd been a year ago. Sölden. Tyrol. Alps.

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Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 5. Train to Budapest Apr 17, 2011

Train ticket from Vienna to Budapest is about € 35. Railjet trains look modern and hi-tech. It is equipped, as we were told, with 80 displays, which try hard to keep us, the passengers, duly informed. Some 40 in one direction:

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Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 4. Vienna. Schönbrunn Apr 17, 2011

The Schönbrunn palace is situated in the Schlosspark (which simply means "castle park") and is one of the best spots in Vienna.

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Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 3. Vienna. Prater Apr 15, 2011

We proceed in the direction of St. Stephen's Cathedral. Restless Austrians demand freedom of religion (as though they lack for it): "

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Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 2. Vienna Apr 14, 2011

To cut a long story short, we landed in Vienna, we were warmly welcome right in the airport and transferred to the city. Austrians speak Austrian German, which I can barely understand, but is no problem for my Dutch fellow: he understands it fairly well and can speak it to a certain extent (that is, it's advisable to have a Dutch fellow traveler in Austria).

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