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Lesser-known pearls of the musical world. Information about musicians and their music, discographies.

Musicellaneous ‣ Owane

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Our today’s Musicellaneous guest is the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Owane. He employs a number of instruments by thoroughly weaving djent riffs into the jazz-funk texture of his compositions.

Owane (real name Øyvind Pedersen) is a musician from Sortland, Norway and he has released three albums to date.

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Musicellaneous ‣ Arch Echo

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Suddenly I got a whim to start a section about music, which could inform the dear reader about music pearls I discovered. I’d love to subscribe to something like that myself so that I could learn about new (or even forgotten old) talents. There are lots of them out there, but quite often they’re not widely known.

The choice of exhibits for Musicellaneous will be at my sole discretion, based on factors like how my left little toe feels, weather on Io and Donald Trump’s statements.

And the first card in our card index will be the American progressive/djent band Arch Echo.

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