Vienna and Budapest ‣ Part 5. Train to Budapest Apr 17, 2011

Train ticket from Vienna to Budapest is about € 35. Railjet trains look modern and hi-tech. It is equipped, as we were told, with 80 displays, which try hard to keep us, the passengers, duly informed. Some 40 in one direction:

And some 40 in the other:

And even outside a few (I don't know whether they're included in those eighty):

And above each seat there's a tiny display. It definitely shows something, but you don't know what exactly without reading the manual:

Even door control, toilet flush and hand dryer buttons look very hi-tech:

The eighty displays are there for a purpose. They show very important info. For example, current speed (which never went above 160 km/h according to my observations):

Train route map:

The same map in a close-up:

The train's time-table:

In other words, it's the cutting edge of German hi-tech.

Meanwhile, we've arrived at Budapest…

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