Amersfoort Marathon 2016 Jun 5, 2016

I'm just back from Amersfoort where I've quite successfully finished a half marathon, 21.1 km.

Medal of the marathon.

The day's been a scorcher with 27 °C (81 °F) in the shade. On the Dutch scale it's a lot, and with a clear blue sky you feel like being roasted.

It was a significant improvement compared to the previous time: 1:55:04 versus 2:01:46 (five minutes faster), but then the gale was making running difficult. Also my regular trainings have paid off—these days I routinely run twenty kilometres.

In the result table I've been assigned the 343th place out of 1222 overall, 303th out of 884 among men. Much better than the previous one where I finished the 730th. And among residents of Houten I was the third!

It was almost as many people this time.

Before the start.

On the other side of the start line:

The start line.

The first to start were two "wheelers":

The wheelers.

It was quite crowded, but the organisation was very good.


Everyone who reached the finish was given a medal (on the photo above), a water bottle and a 500 gram bucket of Campina yoghurt (they were the main sponsors of the marathon).

Despite the heat I loved the run. Running is fun, so join in!

Thumbs up!