A record autumn Nov 10, 2014

While euro and dollar are enjoying a record growth in Russia, we're enjoying one of the warmest autumns on record here in Holland, yet again. Whatever caused it, sanctions or global warming.

Heidestein estate.

On the 1st of November a weather station in Ell, which is at the very south of the country, has registered the highest temperature ever, 22° C (72° F). Unbelievable.

It's a perfect weather to take a walk in nature. The Heidestein estate is just about a Buk's throw away from our place. Further on it merges into the Utrecht Hill Ridge (known for their pyramids).

A similar phenomenon was also on November 2, as well as the rest of the autumn 2014.

The nature responds to the unprecedented warmth with a multitude of colours.

It's a challenge for some.

The last summer was also unusually warm and sunny. On June 19th, the day of our housewarming party, the temperature hit 33° C (91° F) in the shade. It's extremely hot for these latitudes, especially considering our typical humidity of 200% it felt like a sauna.

However it's back on track now and thermometer readings fall in a customary range of 12-15° C (54-59° F).

More autumn colours.

But the humidity is always there. Just as before.