Belgium. Ghent ‣ Part 3. Graffiti Jan 19, 2014

Last time I only briefly mentioned Werregarenstraat, the only street in the city where graffiti is officially allowed. It's barely visible from Hoogpoort it joins to:

This street is about a hundred metres along and two across, all covered with layered paitings by city inhabitants and visitors (I posted about Ruiterskwartier, a similar street in Leeuwarden).

Right at the entrance are Jip and Janneke, characters from immensely popular books by Annie M. G. Schmidt (I wonder whether this is of Dutch or Belgian authorship):

Trending: a certain Nesh commemorated Nelson Mandela:

A lonesome artist at work (the only we've seen here):

In the rage of creation even the bars get painted:

Below are some highlights of the graffiti display:

In the next part, which will be the last one, I'll tell you about Ghent Contemporary Art Museum, S.M.A.K.