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The new version Comentario 3.6.0 is out.

Comentario is a fast and powerful free comment server for web pages, written in Go.


What’s new


This version introduces i18n (internationalisation) support for the embedded Comentario and email notifications (#71).

Comentario is capable of deriving the page language from its <html lang="…"> value. This can be overridden using the lang attribute on the comments tag.

Comments tag options.
Comments tag options.

The Comentario demo website now showcases all three available languages: English, Dutch, and Russian.

💡 Interested in contributing your own translation? Read the how-to and submit one!

Custom Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We’ve also added the ability to override the standard Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents referenced, for example, in the Sign Up dialog (#56).

Sign Up dialog.
Sign Up dialog.

Their URLs can be provided on the command line or as Helm chart parameters, and will otherwise default to those pointing to Comentario documentation.

Other changes

  • Helm chart: added new values and much more thorough documentation.
  • Embed: live updates will now automatically be turned off on every page in case Live update is disabled globally.
  • PostgreSQL migration script has been fixed (thanks Ahmad Abu Hantash!) for cases when user email is repeated, which previously led to comments lost during migration.

Live Demo

You can see the new version, as well as its Administrative UI (login with email admin@admin and password admin), on the demo website:

Comments Live Demo Administrative UI Demo


If you’re interested in trying out Comentario, you can start with these documentation pages:

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