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New version Comentario 3.5.0 is just released!

Comentario is a fast and powerful free comment server for web pages, written in Go.


What’s new

SQLite support

The most important novelty in 3.5.0 is out-of-the-box support for local, file-based SQLite database. It’s now easier than ever to try Comentario out: simply install a binary package, and it’s up and running straight away!

Installing Comentario from a package.
Installing Comentario from a package.

This will also work for a low-traffic website (it does for remark42, after all!), so you can save money and effort on running a separate PostgreSQL instance.

Unauthenticated SMTP

Username and password became optional in SMTP server settings. If not provided, Comentario will skip authentication when sending emails via SMTP.

Other changes

  • Embed: redesign the profile bar (use icons instead of text labels)
  • Embed: Remove moderator toolbar
  • Embed: hide sort bar when there’s no comment
  • Fix the comment count API endpoint (#66)
  • Upgrade the toolchain to Go 1.22, Hugo 0.123.6
  • Documentation: provide detailed instructions for configuring Facebook, Google, Twitter, GitHub, GitLab auth (#67)
  • Other docs updates

Live Demo

You can see the new version, as well as its Administrative UI (login with email admin@admin and password admin), on the demo website:

Comments Live Demo Administrative UI Demo


If you’re interested in trying out Comentario, you can start with these documentation pages:

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