My drinking calendar 2023

By Dmitry Kann A minute read
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I stumbled upon a post on Reddit showing a drinking calendar for the last year, visualised by a 36 years-old guy. Frankly, it’s quite a disturbing picture for someone familiar with health risks related to alcohol — which I learned about from a podcast by Andrew Huberman. The author recorded 181 days with alcohol plus 5 (!) blackouts.

So I decided to make my own drinking calendar.

Drinking calendar from the Reddit post.
Drinking calendar from the Reddit post.

I’ve been keeping a daily diary for about seven years now, in which I also noted my alcohol consumption. Luckily my chart isn’t nearly as colourful as in the original posting. I hardly ever drink more than two drinks a day (a drink equals ca. 14 g of ethanol, which is about a can of beer or 150 ml of wine), and I never blacked out in my life.

My drinking calendar 2023.
My drinking calendar 2023.

There’s clearly some room for improvement: my target consumption is one or two drinks per two weeks. The sober/drinking days ratio is currently just above 3:1. I can’t see any pattern otherwise, save for a slight increase during holidays. ■

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