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Comentario version 2.3.1 is released.

Comentario is a lightweight, powerful, and free comment server for web pages written in Go and Angular.

What’s new

  • New Dashboard chart showing daily view and comment counts for the past 30 days across all domains of the user:
    New Dashboard with a chart for all user’s domains.
    New Dashboard with a chart for all user’s domains.
  • Stats gathering has been optimised, which should deliver a noticeable performance gain, especially on domains with many views and comments.
  • Fix: stats is displayed for a correct 30-day period now; metric counters use the same colours as the chart.
  • The embedded part:
    • Fix password reset for commenter.
    • Add password reset popup dialog (in prior versions, the user would be redirected to a dedicated page in the frontend).
    • Fix settings saving for OAuth users.
    • Setting data-css-override="false" disables CSS completely (#10)
    • Don’t fail Comentario load on CSS load failure (#12)
    • Fix data-* attributes not working
    • For developers: add start (watch) script for yarn
  • Helm chart: drop comentario.indexHtmlConfigMapName config value as unused.
  • The database schema still maintains a full compatibility with Commento 1.8.0.


You can see Comentario in action on the demo website.


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