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By Dmitry Kann 2 min read
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Verdict UK have published my interview in their weekly CTO Talk series. There I shared some personal facts, answered question about my role at Postoplan and reflected on the present and the future of technology.

The beginning of the interview:

Eric Johansson: Tell us a bit about yourself – how did you end up in your current role?

Dmitry Kann: In 2008, I moved from Russia to the Netherlands and started a blog about my Dutch experiences at There I also posted about a multitude of other things, including software development. At one point, it has attracted the attention of Alex Bozhin, CEO of Postoplan. The business was growing by leaps and bounds and he was in dire need of a CTO, so he invited me to become one.

Where did your interest in tech come from?

I’ve been fascinated by computers and electronics in general ever since I can remember. At the age of nine, I assembled my first digital clock, which was incredibly cool for a Soviet kid in 1984. A few years later, a makeshift Sinclair ZX80 followed, which I programmed using the assembly language. I’ve basically followed every tech development ever since, from GW Basic to Kubernetes, blockchain and machine learning.

Read in full on Verdict website

As you can see, the article mentions my blog, which I’m posting about the interview in. That’s a recursion! ■

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