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Happy first summer day to everyone!

It’s been exactly two months since our world’s best URL shortener once.to has entered public beta.

Dear, we’ve been busy! These two months resulted in a whole bunch of cool features.

I’ll start off with the most exciting one.

Yesterday we launched a truly unique function: the smart links and the corresponding Rule editor. Using the latter you can make any link change its destination address according to the visitor’s language, country, operating system and so on.

Example smart link in the Rule editor.
Example smart link in the Rule editor.

Moreover, you can also add randomness to any rule by assigning it a certain probability. Using that it’s very easy to set up A/B testing for a landing page.

To learn more about smart links please refer to the corresponding documentation page.

The second most important enhancement is more mainstream but nonetheless useful: password-protected links.

You can specify a password for any short link. The visitor will later need to provide that in order to get redirected to the target URL.

The Password Required page supports language autodetection; you can test that by following this link: 1e.to/password-protected (use secret for password).

The Password Required page for a shortened link.
The Password Required page for a shortened link.

Performance improvements

Our world’s fastest URL shortener has just become even snappier. We’ve overhauled visitor statistics gathering, once.to can now easily cope with hundreds (and scale to tens of thousands) of visits per second. We’re future-proof!

Ignoring bots in statistics

Link properties have received an extra option for ignoring bots and crawlers when counting click stats.

Ignore bots option.
Ignore bots option.

This option is enabled by default.

Small screen improvements

Many pages have been further tuned up for phone and tablet screens. For instance, the dashboard:

once.to dashboard on a narrow screen.
once.to dashboard on a narrow screen.


There’s more:

Stay with us for even more cool stuff! ■

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