Snow in the city

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A surprisingly heavy snowfall has covered Holland with a pack of snow. Contrary to the tradition, the snow didn’t immediately disappear but stayed for a few days running.

There’s no wintersport this year because of the pandemic. But nothing is impossible for a creative mind!

You can always bend to circumstance and make it work in your favour:

The Dutch don’t seem to care about cleaning inner roads from the snow. Or roads outside residential areas, for that matter, which get gritted with salt instead.

A few days later came the real fun: the canals got covered with ice for the first time since 2012. Nederlanders, tired of staying inside, have turned that into a sort of fair, with music, glüwein and hot chocolate.

One of the frozen canals in Houten.
One of the frozen canals in Houten.

According to the weather forecast, we’ll see positive temperatures as of tomorrow. The winter is apparently over. ■

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