Ymuse ‣ 0.16

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A new version of Ymuse 0.16 has been released.

Ymuse is a desktop client application for the Music Player Daemon.

This release fixes a couple of bugs and introduces new ones some new features.

What’s new

  • Volume control button/slider are added (#20):
    MPD volume control in Ymuse.
    MPD volume control in Ymuse.
  • New setting for toggling the visibility of the Queue toolbar (#23).
    Queue toolbar setting.
    Queue toolbar setting.
  • Fixed a bug causing the CPU to max out and flooding the app logs after MPD connection is lost (#26, #28).
  • Fixed the queue selection being reset on a right click (#21).
  • Upgraded the Go compiler (1.15.8) and the dependencies gompd (2.2.0), gotk3 (0.5.2), which should hopefully benefit the stability (#27).


Refer to the application page to learn how to install it. ■

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