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Strictly according to the (nonexistent) schedule the next version of Ymuse0.14—has been released. Ymuse is a desktop client application for the Music Player Daemon, which I posted about a while ago.

What’s new in this version?

Album art

The most noteworthy change is the album art display in the player, next to the current track’s title:

Ymuse 0.14: album art display.
Ymuse 0.14: album art display.

It’s on by default and can be disabled in the program’s Preferences.

The album art is fetched with a special MPD command, which I had to implement myself in the gompd library (and also fix a bug in gotk3 along the way).

MPD, in its turn, looks for the cover art in the same directory as the audio file, in the following files:

  • cover.png
  • cover.jpg
  • cover.tiff
  • cover.bmp

Delay in Preferences

I’ve also added a delay before the player’s settings are applied. You’ll now see the changed applied only after one second, and not after every letter or click:

Delay in applying Ymuse’s preferences.
Delay in applying Ymuse’s preferences.


Refer to the application page to learn how to install it. ■

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