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A new version of Ymuse 0.13, a Music Player Daemon client, has been released.

I haven’t blogged about it since the 0.7 release, so here’s a brief summary of what’s changed:

  • 0.13:
    • Add “Show album/artist/genre in Library” function to Queue
    • Scroll to the selected row in library and Preferences ⇒ Columns
    • Select top item in Streams by default
  • 0.12:
    • Add Unix domain socket connectivity (#10).
  • 0.11:
    • Expose Bitrate and Format attributes to current track (#6)
    • Fix: too frequent reconnection attempts (#9)
    • Redesign MPD Info dialog; add Decoder Plugins info
    • Save and restore selected library path
    • Use MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT environment vars for connection defaults (#8)
  • 0.10:
    • Add the .. (level up) element to Library
    • Select element being left when going back in Library
    • Japanese translation
  • 0.9:
    • Implement forced file rescanning
    • Improve connection management
    • Localise player template
    • Library: don’t collapse toolbar to avoid hiding search button
    • Speed up display update on MPD connect
  • 0.8:
    • Add localisation support
    • Add Russian, Dutch translations
    • Add browsing by genre, artist, album function
    • Add context menu/items
    • Localise durations, too
    • Optimise queue loading with large lists
    • Recover SVGO-broken icons
    • Remove Playlists tab in favour of section in Library

Moreover, a snap package for Ymuse is available now.

Video tour

I’ve recorded a short video that demonstrates program’s features:


Refer to the application page to learn how to install it. ■

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