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Happy Friday everyone! Today I’ve managed to find a bit of time for yet another, twenty-third, edition of Musicellaneous (hell yeah)!

And that for a good reason: I’m going to introduce you to the oriental djent funk by the Malay guitarist Poh Hock.

Poh Hock. Photo by Poh Hock/Bandcamp.
Poh Hock. Photo by Poh Hock/Bandcamp.

Hock was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2011 he moved to Boston, USA, where he studied guitar at the famous star factory, the Berklee College of Music, known to have produced such musicians as Steve Vai, John Petrucci, and Al Di Meola.

He won the Strandberg guitar competition in 2015 and became a Strandberg Guitar artist.


Throughout his not-so-long-yet career Poh Hock has participated in a couple of projects: as a touring guitarist with Native Construct and in the death metal band Replacire.

But what’s more interesting, in 2019 Poh has released his first EP called ĀTMA. I found it quite a talented piece of work, masterly combining djent, funk, jazz, and oriental motives (which he probably learned from his Native Construct times).

I see a lot of potential here: technical, melodical, rhythmical. The sound of this music reminds me of my favourites Intervals and Animals as Leaders.

It’s also worth mentioning the album has been recorded, arranged, and performed by Poh in his bedroom. Like many other exhibits of this series.

The album’s only shortcoming is that it’s, well, too short. Twenty minutes is way too little for this kind of music so one longs for a follow-up.


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