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Friday, so it seems (I have to admit four weeks into self-isolation you tend to lose track of days).

This twentieth edition of Musicellaneous presents the Australian guitarist virtuoso Stephen Taranto skillfully playing djent on Abasi signature guitars.

Photo by Stephen Taranto/Facebook.
Photo by Stephen Taranto/Facebook.


I already mentioned Stephen earlier as a member of The Helix Nebula, which impressed me both musically and technically back in the day.

In a sense, everything I said about The Helix Nebula also applies to Mr Taranto: the intricate rhythmical structure, the inherent melodicity with a pinch of ambient and the impressive guitar skills, it’s all here.

He also shares his only problem with that band: the lack of available material.

Up to now he has only released a single EP called Permanence (2019), which—by the way—received great critical acclaim.

On the other hand, he’s still quite young so I do hope more exciting music will follow.

I’d also like to recommend Stephen’s Facebook page where he publishes short guitar videos, pretty impressive.


Permanence (EP)2019Permanence (EP)
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