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Friday again! I think I’ve hit the rock bottom in my quest for musical exotics.

This eighteenth edition of Musicellaneous features a totally unknown to general public endeavour of Japanese jazz musicians titled Presto.

There’s as little as nothing on it on the Internet. And if there were, you wouldn’t be able to find it given the band’s name.


As far as I could conclude, the only recorded, self-titled, album by the band (2003) has never been released by any label. Nonetheless, it’s absolutely stunning.

The album is instrumental except for a couple of tracks. Its music is quite diverse, ranging from a ballad to progressive and jazz rock.

Since I couldn’t find Presto’s music anywhere, including YouTube and Spotify, I’ve decided to upload it to YouTube myself.

Here it is, enjoy:


The band’s line-up is perhaps the only available information out there:

  • Akihiko Shirai — guitar, bass, programming
  • Takashi Okutsu — drums
  • Takashi Osaka — bass
  • Mitsuharu Mashiko — guitar
  • Shiho Ohta — keyboards
  • Haru Ishii — vocals


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